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Each particular client is matched with a suitable team of management consulting experts and stakeholders to optimize the end results.

Assignments are conducted in accordance with the strict professional and ethical principles of the Finnish Management Consultants Association. Lead Consultant Jari Makkonen has a Master’s of Science in Economics (Marketing) and is a CMC – Certified Management Consultant.

Jari has 18 years of industry experience in FMCG, industrial heating equipment, automotive components, white goods and leasing of construction tools. His industry experience is related to both exporting products and establishing or integrating and managing sales companies abroad with P&L responsibility.

Additionally, Jari has 13 years of management consulting experience, having led 900 assignments of companies globalizing their businesses.

Jari has many years of experience in opening new regional markets, testing existing products in new markets, constructing new distribution networks and looking for sourcing partners, among others. Some of the projects have also been of an industrial nature; establishing new production locations, identifying M&A targets and being part of the M&A integration team. Jari has led multinational teams of 5 to 100 people.

Europe and mainland China are the main geographical regions of Mistral Consulting. However, through external partners, Mistral Consulting can assist your business throughout the globe.

Service range includes:

  • Preparation of international sales strategy
  • Testing of new markets for learning more about customers and competition
  • Building partnerships of various types: distribution, sourcing and end customer search
  • Identification of M&A targets, working as part of a team for negotiation and integration of M&A deals
  • Offering turnaround projects for non-performing client cases or being part of establishing new sales operations in markets of interest.

Mistral Consulting typically works with industrial clients, e.g. technologies in power generation, power distribution, circular economy and other.

In case Mistral Consulting is not capable of serving you in some fields of your activity, we can however help you to identify other consultants with more suitable profile for your needs.

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