M&A and Turnarounds

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All companies need improved skills in identifying potential acquisition targets, especially in integrating them into the current operations flawlessly and without unplanned events in the Group P&L and its usage of management resources.

Sometimes, in this regard, it is logical to use an efficient combination of management consulting services for identifying acquisition targets and then use the same consultants in integration of acquisition target acquired through interim management services. Mistral Consulting can help its clients with this in a hands-on way.

Skillfully buying established brands and having access to distribution channels in new markets could substantially increase speed to the path into a market.

Case studies

Industry – Construction

Why – Opening new markets in new EU countries in CEE was part of the strategy of a Finnish big company

What – Acquisition targets were identified and evaluated in the Czech and Slovak Republics, Austria, Slovenia and Hungary. Four (4) initial negotiations were started out of which one (1) was finalized and led to M&A done.

Results – the Company opened two new markets through one acquisition (the Czech and Slovak Republics) and the responsible Leading Consultant for the said project facilitated integration work.

Industry – Maritime

Why – Big Finnish company was interested in evaluating acquisition targets in China for certain product categories

What – Company profile and offering for M&A and or close strategic co-operation was elaborated. Suitable product categories were identified and search on the market done.  Set of M&A acquisition targets were presented to the Company.

Results – the Company had a clear understanding about available set of acquisition targets to be negotiated with. However, a major acquisition was done outside Asia and the Company decided to make first integration of the said target before proceeding with other new acquisitions.