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Globally business is more and more networked and a skill of managing external partners of all kind is becoming increasingly important.

Strategic fit between our partners and us is essential and Ideal Customers must lead us to Ideal Distributor or to Ideal Sourcing partners, should we need them now or in the future. Mistral Consulting can help its Clients in this hands-on.

Asia and especially China is becoming increasingly expensive from Sourcing point of view. Hence, taking a good look at Central-Eastern European sourcing services and improved logistics is of paramount importance to all Companies active on the European market place.

Case studies

Shipbuilding and Energy

Why – the company already had a Chinese operation but was interested in penetrating a new market segment.

What – A consulting assignment was initiated on finding suitable agents along the whole coastline of China. At the same time, the client recruited a suitable Sales Manager, who participated in the assignment and hence had a flying start to develop the new business segment in China.

Results – A suitable agent partner was found. The agent enabled the company to enter a completely new industry segment in China (shipbuilding) for increased sales and profit.

Maritime industry equipment

Why – The board of a large Finnish company had an urgent need to verify the level of the current sourcing cost in a traditional place for sourcing on the east coast of China and to compare it with the cost level in some selected central Chinese provinces.

What – the company profile and sourcing pitch was updated to attract suitable potential sourcing partners from central China. Products of interest were defined. Suitable NDA documents for the fieldwork were drawn up. Three closer locations between Wuhan and Chongqing were evaluated.

Results – It was found that the lower cost level of central China did not offset the challenge of raising the future potential subcontractors to the level of the current sourcing partners on the east coast. On the east coast a verification of opportunity to tap new sourcing partners to the current ones was carried out.

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