Planning for International Growth

Any market position is increasingly volatile, and competition is definitely getting tougher and faster through digitalization and automation combined with new technologies like 3-D printing, among others.

Mistral Consulting can help its clients to prepare their international sales strategy and plan in a hands-on way.

A client company must be part of the planning whole-heartedly and implement the planned programs daily if this type of consulting service is to be successful for a company going global. Change management and its best practices must be part of planning for international growth.

Case studies

Manufacturing of Home Appliances

Why – Preparing and implementing market entry into the Czech and Slovak Republics.

What – Customer base was mapped and the position for three brands considered in how to achieve consumers in a logical and profitable way.

Results – Business plan was prepared in two months, which led to the establishment of the company. Currently, the recruitment project of key staff was carried out in four months and the first distribution agreements made both with specialized trade and international hypermarket chains. TV publicity could be rolled out within six months after the company’s establishment since the tempo of building up distribution volume coverage had been extremely efficient for some selected household products.

Manufacturing Industry/Logistics

Why – An important medium-size Finnish company needed to address how to serve distribution channels and end customers profitably and competitively in mainland China and South-East Asia. Evaluation of the future Asian HQ was carried out as part of the study.

What – Studies on the East and South-East Asian level of the future Asian HQ and logistics locations were carried out. In China, the most important competitors and their logistics solutions, as well as client satisfaction with the current client logistics solutions were benchmarked through customer and distributor interviews. Free-trade zones in China were considered as part of the overall solution. Logistics service levels and costs plus other KPI were reported and recommendations for further steps provided.

Results – The board of the Finnish client made a well-informed decision about their future logistics set-up in Asia for improved competitive position and higher profits.

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